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Really Wild Show 
04:16pm 20/05/2006
  It was the last ever Really Wild Show yesterday :( and the didn't even show any clips from really old series *sulk!*
I wonder if they are going to replace it with another wildlife programme?
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Hello everyone / let's get this party started. 
09:44am 22/02/2006

What CBBCness do you like? Current stuff, recent stuff, ancient/perpetual stuff?

I like Stupid; Shoebox Zoo, Raven; Mona the Vampire, Arthur.

What about you?
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Welcome to CBBCeebies! 
02:05pm 30/01/2006
  Welcome, one and all, to the area known as CBBCeebies! This is a place for you to witter, mutter and talk on the subject of CBBC. I am your gracious host moderater midgetmogget, and I have the final say.